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Pink Nectar Café at Indian Gardens in Oak Creek Canyon

Sedona AZ (June 19, 2015) – Jennifer Epperson and Mary Helsaple have created a new collection of art about Sedona Icons that present Sedona as you have never seen it before.  Their ironic view of Sedona is part of the “Sedona in the Summer“ celebration at Indian Gardens Park in Oak Creek Canyon on June 26th,27th and 28th. The event features Red Earth Theater’s open air performance of a new play based on writer James Bishop’s, “Pink Nectar Café’.

Tickets are available for 3 performances of the play, and the Sedona Icons art exhibit is open to the public, Friday through Sunday before the outdoor theater performances. Both the art exhibit and play will lead you on a journey through the man-made and natural environment of Sedona; what it has been, could be, or might be. Read More→

Saving the Verde River — But How?

Cottonwood: Scanning a map of Yavapai County in his office, County Supervisor Chip Davis, a fourth generation Arizona rancher, and self-styled Black Sheep Republican, remarked: I don’t think most folks realize what’s happening. I think there’d be more opposition if there was more awareness.

Nearby was a copy of this newspaper flashing the headline River Runs Dry above a story reporting that a stretch of the San Pedro River flowing from the mountains of Sonora to the Gila River southeast of Phoenix is dry. But Davis was talking about the Verde River – not the San Pedro. Read More→